Denis Larouche A.O.C.A.

Alumnus of the Ontario College of Art & Design


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Denis Larouche AOCA

(Alumnus of the Ontario College of Art & Design)




Originally from Québec, Denis Larouche is well travelled, having explored Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, and in the 1970's he lived in West Africa for a time.


Between his love for art and for science, he opted for the arts, Receiving a diploma in Applied Museum Studies from Algonquin College (Ottawa), then a diploma in Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art & Design (Toronto).


His professional activities are twofold. His paintings have been shown in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, where he presented (as well as organized) both solo and group art exhibitions. 


Denis is also very active in the museum world, having doing contracts for major institutions such as the Canadian Museum of History, The Canadian Museum of Nature, The National Gallery of Canada, The Canadian Conservation Institute, the Ingenium Institution (Science & Technology Museum n Ottawa) and several Parks Canada sites. He has clients across Canada and in the United States.


As a painter, the concept of the Quantic Landscape has become a way of reconciling his passion for painting and physics.


He was awarded the *FALCO's Gilles-Gagné Award for Artistic Excellence at the 2012 Culturiades, as well as the Télé-Québec Award in 2011


His work was selected twice (2017 and 2021) for the Culture Outaouais Homage Award


(* FALCO - Foundation for the Arts, Litterature, and Culture in the Outaouais)




Loto-Québec Collection
Ernst & Young
City of Ottawa Collection
Caisses Populaires Desjardins Collection
Caisse Populaire St-Joseph (contemporary art)
Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
Voix Visuelle Artists Center
ADGMG - Association of General Directors of Municipalities of the Province of Quebec
TARTAR Graphic Design
Maison Mathieu Froment-Savoie
RGS Financial Services
Cogetec Engineering
Larouche Pharmacy, Gatineau (Hull), QC
Private collections across Canada and Germany



1982 - 86 Fine Arts - Ontario College of Art and Design - Toronto, On.
1976 - 79 Museum Artwork & Display - Algonquin College - Ottawa, On.
1974 - 75 Design - Algonquin College - Ottawa, On.



2019 Integrations, Old Chelsea Gallery, chelsea QC
2015 E = mc3 (cubed), Landscapes & Quantum States, Cube Gallery, Wellington St W, Ottawa ON
2013 The Quantic Landscape, Atrium Gallery of the City of Ottawa
2009 Oeuvres récentes, Galerie Old Chelsea, Old Chelsea, QC
  Recent Works, Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa, ON
2008 Sea & Sky, Superposing the Elements, AvenueArt Gallery, 10, King St, Montreal, QC
2007 Growth, Promenade du Roi, Lake Leamy Casino, Gatineau (Hull), QC
2006 Solo at the Centre Carmen, 253, Bellehumeur ST, Gatineau, QC, (819) 243-0337
2005 Landscapes and Textures, duo exhibition with Anthony Hobbs, Avenue Art Gallery, 4880, Sherbrooke west, suite 170, Montreal (Westmount) Qc.
2003 Transitions Centerpointe Theatre Gallery, Ottawa
2003 Painting the Seasons, Marchant Gallery, Lancaster, On

The Trees of Brewery Creek - Bowater Library, Gatineau, Qc

Hull’s Brewery Creek - Théâtre de l’Île, Hull, Qc.







Symposium Gatineau en Couleurs

Galerie Annexe (Ottawa Art Gallery)


2018 Members Only Art Show, Arts Sutton Gallery, Sutton, QC

Springtime Annual Exhibition, Aylmer Arts Council, Aylmer, QC


Great Big Smalls 13, Galerie Cube, Wellington ouest, Ottawa, ON

A Tribute to the Colour Red (Le Rouge à l'honneur), La Petite G'art Gallery, Gatineau, QC


Members Collective 2016, Arts Sutton Gallery, Sutton, QC

Great Big Smalls 12, Cube Gallery, Wellington West, Ottawa, ON

Blue, Cube Gallery, 1285, Wellington ouest, Ottawa


Le Rouge et le Noir, Galerie Montcalm, Maison du Citoyen -Ville de Gatineau, QC

Great Big Smalls 11, Galerie Cube, Wellington ouest, Ottawa, ON

5 Artists, Alpha Art Gallery, Ottawa


Sélection 2014, Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Center, Orléans, ON

Great Big Smalls 10, Galerie Cube, Wellington ouest, Ottawa, ON

Mouvement, Galerie Art Aylmer, Aylmer, QC


Great Big Smalls 8, Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington ouest. Ottawa, ON

CAVMA Salon, Gatineau Congress Center, 2013

Nocturne 5, Cube Gallery, Ottawa (une exposition sur le thème du ciel étoilé)

Group exhibition, Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montréal

Repérage - Loto-Québec, Galerie Montcalm, Gatineau (Hull)


Great Big Smalls 8, Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington ouest. Ottawa, ON (décembre)

Nuit Noire 2, Cube Gallery, Ottawa (an event dedicated to the night sky)

Group exhibition, Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montréal

Fresh, Tay Gallery, Kanata, ON. Group show of 4 artistes.


Group exhibition, Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montréal

Nuit Noire 2, Cube Gallery, Ottawa (An exhibition on the theme of the starry sky)


Group exhibition, Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montréal

Gallery Artists Group Exhibit, Arta Gallery, 55 Mill St, Bldg 9,  Distillery District, Toronto, ON

  Juried Canadian Landscape Exhibition, Agnes Jamieson Gallery, Minden Hills Cultural Center, Minden, ON
2009 Light of Winter, Arta Gallery, Distillery District, Toronto, ON
  Water, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, ON
2008 Homage, Cube Gallery, 7, Hamilton Ave, Ottawa, ON
2007 Landscape 2007, Interpretations of the Canadian Landscape, AvenueArt Gallery, 10, King St. Montreal
Ottawa Art Festival, Carleton University Field House, Ottawa, ON
Grand Opening of New Location, AvenueArt Studio 10 King, Montreal, QC
2006 Great Big Smalls II, Cube Gallery, 7, Hamilton Ave. Ottawa, On
Art Tao Gallery, 146, 30th street, Toronto, On
Annual Spring Group Exhibition, AvenueArt Gallery, 4880, Sherbrooke west, suite 170, Montreal (Westmount) Qc
Ottawa Art Festival, lady Aberdeen Pavillion, Landsdowne Park, Ottawa, On
Campestral, The Canadian Landscape, Cube gallery, 7, Hamilton Ave. N., Ottawa, On
2005 Great Big Smalls Show, Cube Gallery, 7, Hamilton Ave. Ottawa, ON
Impressionnisme contemporain, Centre culturel Jacques-Auger, Leduc Street, Gatineau (Hull), Qc (Zone Artistique Urbaine)
Loto-Québec Exhibition, Artists of Western Québec. Montcalm Gallery, 25, Laurier St. Gatineau Qc.
2004 Deck the Walls Avenue Art Gallery, 4880, Sherbrooke west, suite 170, Montreal (Westmount) Qc.
2003 Energy & Creation, organized by the SAVO at the National Archives of Canada Building, Gatineau, Qc.
Canvas, Paper and Stone; Three Outaouais Artists, Visual Arts Center - Orléans, On.
2002 Visages de l’Outaouais - Galerie Art-Inter - Sherbrooke, Qc
28 Artistes, Espace Pierre-Debain, Centre culturel du Vieux-Aylmer, 120, rue Principale, Aylmer, Qc
2001 Bicentennial Memories - Hull’s Théâtre de l’Île, Commemoration of the city’s architectural heritage.
2000-2004 Aylmer Arts Council - Spring Exhibitions
1999-2000 Art in the Outaouais , Hull, Qc.
2001-2005 Elmwood Art & Home Fair - Rockliffe, On.



2001 - “Les Fêtes du Grand Boulevard”, Hull (Group exhibition of invited regional artists)

2000 - The Fainting Couch Gallery, Ottawa, On.



1980 / ... - Design and fabrication of dioramas & scale models, mannequins, moulding & casting, artifact replicas, artifact mounts and  background paintings, for major institutions such as the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Nature, Parks Canada, the Canadian Conservation Institute, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Currency Museum.



Ernst & Young

The City of Ottawa


Municipality of Val-des-Monts, QC

Tartar, Graphic Design 

Caisses Populaires Desjardins (Desjardins Credit Union)

Caisse Populaire St-Joseph (contemporary art)

Maison Mahieu Froment Savoie

RGS Financial Services

Voix Visuelle Arts Center, Ottawa

Pharmacie Larouche, Gatineau (Hull), QC

Cogetech (engineering consultants firm)

Canada Science & Technology Museum, Ottawa

Private collections across Canada



Cube Gallery

7, Hamilton Ave. Ottawa, On. K1H 1B4 (2006 to 2019)

Galerie Arts Sutton Rue Académie, Sutton, QC
Ottawa Art gallery Commercial Gallery "Annexe", 2 Daly, Ottawa ON
Lamoureux-Ritzenhoff Galleries 2 galleries in Montréal  (2010 to 2013)
Arta Gallery 55 Mill St, Bldg 9,  Distillery District, Toronto, ON



2019 "Peer to Peer Award", Aylmer Arts Council's Spring Exhibition, 2019
2017 Work selected to be offered as the "Prix Hommage 2017", a yearly award given at Les Culturiades, for outstanding contribution to the cultural scene.

Award for Exellence (with bursary), Culturiades 2012, organized by the FALCO - Fondation for the Arts, Litterature and Culture in the Outaouais

Registration bursary from the RAAV to participate in the ART & LAW Conference, Ottawa


Télé-Québec Award (with bursary), Culturiades 2011, organized by the FALCO - Fondation for the Arts, Litterature and Culture in the Outaouais

2010 Culturiades, (FALCO - Fondation for the Arts, Litterature and Culture in the Outaouais), Finalist, Gilles Gagné Award for Excellence
2007 Registration bursary to participate in Visual Arts Summit, Ottawa, ON
2006 Culturiades, finalist, selection of a work of art for the Hommage Award - City of Gatineau
1999 Art in the Outaouais, Jury's Honourable Mention



RAAV Association of professional visual artists
CARFAC Canadian artists Representation - Front des Artistes Canadiens
Arts Network Ottawa
Culture Outaouais - Outaouais Regional Council for Culture




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